Photoshop, PHP, MySQL, CodeIgniter
Key Features: Responsive Design, Custom Database Design, Accessible Design, Web Application Development, Copywriting
Results: A web application was developed for a veterinary department of an anonymous educational institution, with the intent to streamline the process of capturing and analyzing data. The application, built on PHP and a database-driven system, provided a platform for veterinary practitioners to securely record, submit, and access data in the field.

The platform’s user-friendly interface led to a high adoption rate among practitioners. After verifying their credentials, users were able to securely submit and store comprehensive field data, including photographs and tissue samples. The platform also provided access to a standardized set of protocols and supporting materials.

The collected data was securely stored in a robust database, which enabled the institution’s administrators to conduct further research and analysis. This wealth of information significantly enhanced the department’s ability to study patterns and causes of the project’s field of study.

In conclusion, the platform facilitated effective data capture and fostered a culture of data sharing among veterinary practitioners. It underscored the value of collective effort in advancing our understanding and management of an important area of study in the veterinary field, making valuable contributions to it.