Our comprehensive process ensures we thoroughly understand your needs, and design solutions that bring real results.

We offer a free consultation for those who will likely see a good return on our services. We first assess the potential fit between your needs and our services. This allows us to prioritize clients who are most ready to transform their business or organization with us.

Free Initial Consultation: Qualified potential clients can benefit from a free initial consultation. During this session, we dive into understanding your business and goals, and you get a glimpse of our strategic approach.

Paid Consultation: For those eager to get started, we offer a paid consultation regardless of qualification status. This deep-dive session involves discussing your needs and our proposed strategies in greater detail.

Requirements Gathering or Marketing Consultation: Post-consultation, we delve deeper into the specifics of your needs, be they marketing-focused, technical, or both. This step helps us gain a full understanding of your project’s scope and objectives.

Proposal and Project Plan Development: We translate our understanding of your needs into a custom proposal and comprehensive project plan. This will be your roadmap to achieving your organization’s goals with Visual Thinkers.