The Best Way to Market Your Business Is Through Content Marketing in 2022

The best way to market your business has changed over the years. Content marketing was in favor for some time near the beginning of the last century. Check the details here: Traditional advertising has taken over again. With the rise of the Internet, however, this trend is moving back to content marketing. The old days of traditional advertising and networking for your business were the prime drivers of…


9 Potent Auto Parts Social Media Tactics

Your auto parts company can use social media tactics to increase sales, provide better customer service and meet other business goals. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and TikTok are great places for you to focus your social media tactics if you’re an aftermarket or OEM parts distributor. Here are some of the top strategies an auto parts business can use. Social Media Tactics List The auto parts industry…


Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Website and Social Media Up To Date

There are many reasons why you should keep your website and social media up to date. Many organizations neglect their website maintenance as well as social media presence. Social media is often a web based service and can be considered a website as well. For more information on best practices for social media in the Alternative health and Auto Parts industry, please visit the following blog articles: and…


Social Media Marketing for Alternative Health Care

This is one of the most important means of marketing for alternative health care therapies including the fields of naturopathic medicine, bioenergetics practitioners, and other alternative therapies. This technique is used widely by holistic health professionals to grow their businesses. It provides a relatively inexpensive way to reach people that are already interested in their organizations. As with any part of the Inbound Marketing Methodology, user personas are key,…


Crush your Marketing and Sales Goals for 2018

Why Inbound Marketing? If you are looking to crush your sales and marketing goals in 2018, this is the way to do it. In my nearly 17 years of working for various world-class technology and creative companies I have seen the sales and marketing process advance immensely over time.  Starting off as a contractor, and a painting franchise owner, I used cold calling to find new clients. With time…


What should be included in your website design package?

I look at the web design industry and I am astounded at the low priced packages some professionals offer and what people think will be vehicles to their success. Here’s what I think are requirements for any good website, in addition to what most web companies offer in their packages. 1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): ok so you had your website professionally built, but can anyone find it? No?…

Digital Marketing - A nice thing to have

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term for a variety of different techniques used to promote a service/product or create awareness of something. These techniques are all based around digital technologies. At Visual Thinkers, we are masters of digital marketing. In today’s world, our attentions are focusing more and more on digital.  Smartphone usage has significantly increased media consumption and yet there has been a slow uptake on this channel…

Two people chilling watching there ad campaigns take off.

Visual Thinkers Advertising and Design Trends

In the digital and creative industry trends are constantly evolving and we like to stay on top of those trends, so that we can help our customers. But we also like to educate our audience, so they know what to look for and expect as well. Here we have created a summary of some of the latest design, marketing and development trends that are evolving in 2017.   Advertising…

Get Your Marketing Going in the Right Direction With The Visual Thinkers Marketing Primer

Visual Thinkers Marketing Primer

We created this marketing primer because potential customers frequently ask us: “What’s the best way to market my products/services and get it done?” That’s a huge question! There are so many options out there, it can be mind-boggling sometimes. So, our marketing primer includes  a summary here: we’ll talk about the main five channels of marketing, the pros and cons of each, time considerations, and, of course, how we…

Get Your New Mobile Application Off The Ground

Building A New Mobile Application (App)

So you’re building a new mobile application (app)? Here are some thoughts about App Development. App development can work on a number of different platforms as there is IOS and Android as the main operating systems for these apps; Android and Apple have the biggest market share. How to Make Money With your Mobile Application One consideration is how people will pay for an App? A free App might…