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Visual Thinkers is the number one auto parts website design company and auto parts website builder.

We work with eCommerce software such as Sophio, Epicor, Magento, Shopify, and other eCommerce software products to help you get your eCommerce store online. We can provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization), video, social media, and other digital marketing services to help your company grow.

Our team has a combined experience of many years and hundreds of projects completed.  We work with all different types of stores including performance specialists, replacement aftermarket and OEM stores. We can help you make sure your Line Card is well represented in your online store.

Automotive parts website design and software maintenance are important for most auto parts companies because there is an ongoing need for:

  • new graphics for specials
  • announcements
  • maintenance of any piece of software
  • continuous improvement of the website and software through testing of various ideas
  • analytics monitoring
  • management of online orders, monitoring new and useful trends and ideas in the industry and their implementation
  • security management of websites so that they remain up to date and as secure as possible
  • new features and content to attract visitors, etc.
  • ERP system development
  • EDI programming and API programming
  • CRM system implementation
  • Social Media management and training
  • Search Engine Optimization (blog posts, infographics, link building, on-page optimization)
  • Videography and Photography

There are many reasons to have an ongoing relationship with an agency, such as saving money on full-time staff, having the best expertise in the industry available, and fresh ideas. It makes sense to partner with a specialist organization in the industry.

If you are interested in creating a mobile application for your auto parts business, we can help you. This is a new trend that can help differentiate your business from others, where you can provide your catalog and a system to let your customers order quickly and conveniently. For auto parts manufacturing organizations, there are many applications of mobile or tablet-based applications including process control, tradeshow demonstrations, and augmented reality. If you prefer to deal with people that understand the auto parts web design, digital marketing, and mobile applications for the auto parts industry, rather than generalist companies then Visual Thinkers can help you with all aspects of your development.


How do Visual Thinkers build auto parts company websites?

A website should number one be as helpful as possible in communicating with the prospects and customers of your organization and allowing them to quickly make a purchase with their convenience in mind or to find the information they need to make their purchase. It should answer their questions around your organization and products. Different colors and functionality would be selected depending on the clientele. For a performance website, different bolder colors might be chosen such as orange, red, green, yellow etc.

We use a variety of different content to attract prospects and customers to the site.  The first thing Visual Thinkers would do is make sure we understand your customer and come up with some buyer personas, fictional characters that represent characteristics and questions your buyers may have, so we can better target your marketing.  According to HubSpot, the Buyer’s Journey consists of Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. To do a good job of covering all these phases, content from each part of the journey should be created to help people in each phase. Awareness content could include social media posts such as short videos, pictures, and blog articles answering questions which are visible in search and on social media. It can also include different forms of online advertising such as Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn ads. These could be installation how-to’s for different parts, for example.

A blog, for example, is a great way to attract people to the site and keep them coming back for fresh content, and for content to share on social media. You can also use other longer form contents such as eBooks and reports to provide useful information to someone in the awareness phase.

The consideration phase is when a buyer is looking for possible solution options to their problem. At the consideration phase, content such as educational videos, live interactions, expert guides, and comparison whitepapers, will help people now selecting their auto parts company.

At the decision phase, the solution process has been decided on and the auto parts company information is being gathered. This includes product information, vendor comparison, product comparison, case studies, trial downloads, live demo are all useful tools.

There are many nuts and bolts considerations as well, such as specialty part request forms for specialty parts which are not readily available on the e-store, how the site will be laid out to best serve customers and attract new ones, how will the design look for the customer base, which could be different for replacement parts specialists vs performance specialists, etc.

For a replacement part specialist, a blue colour is often selected. Check out screenshots below of companies that do a large selection of replacement parts.

Guelph Auto Parts


A car parked on the side of a road Description automatically generated

A&A Discount Auto Parts


A screenshot of a social media post Description automatically generated

Check out this site by Racetronix, a performance parts specialist.


A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated

For different types of auto parts companies, each one has different considerations in the design and development of the site.

One thing we like to do is to find a way to differentiate our clients from their competitors, for example, to allow people to chat with an in house mechanic or staff member online, about their installation needs, or to find some other value-added service that you can provide that other auto parts companies don’t offer online, since competing by price is more difficult in this day and age because of the bigger suppliers having better buying power and the ability to make a profit on lower margins.

As an auto parts website design company and automotive parts website builder, another method we use for the design of your website is something called Use Case Analysis. This idea is simple. We think about how your prospective client or existing client would use the website and map out how they would use it. We make sure the site is as easy to use as possible for the prospective client or existing clients to accomplish their goals. This article has a brief introduction to this idea.

Finally, from a marketing perspective humanizing your brand is important, since people relate to people, not to brands, so photography and videography of the staff are often key. We can provide photography and videography for your project.



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