An Auto Parts eCommerce Store is a store for people like you that are passionate about the automotive industry. eBay and Amazon websites are not designed from the ground up for you to sell auto parts.

Sophio Automotive Aftermarket eCommerce Software

Sophio’s software on the other hand is a great way for you to create an online store that makes it easy to find the parts you have. You can find the parts that you need easily with the filters in the software. This allows you to select your vehicle and save it to your garage. Although eBay and Amazon have their own filters, they aren’t nearly as useful and powerful as Sophio. Sophio also gives you many different catalogs of parts to choose from. You can create your own pricing database, and choose from a huge selection of different existing catalogs.

Sophio allows you to easily search engines optimize your website. You can submit your sitemap, and you can easily create site content as well as links and add useful pages. You can also hook up your listings by signing up for a Google Merchant account and setting up Google Products, which show up at the top of Google search for the various product listings. Sophio can be easily customized and it runs on the ASP.NET platform. This is something you need to compete with the likes of Amazon and eBay. Your investment for you for this software is 300 USD plus the site design, as well as design, development, and marketing/maintenance investments which would fall in line with other similar eCommerce site development costs and design costs. Your online store can easily compete with the biggest online stores. The Sophio network can also be used for drop shipping fulfillment, and as well for sourcing the best deals on price.
Sophio has a B2B module that you can install which would allow you to provide pricing to your wholesale customers and can handle purchasing on account as well. There are many features that you can take advantage of on this platform which has been built specifically for the automotive parts industry.

Autoparts Way eCommerce Auto Parts Store and Canadian Distribution Network

Another company that offers you an eCommerce Auto Parts Store Autoparts Way in Canada. You can use their API (Application Programming Interface) and create your own website using their technology to allow you to drop ship anywhere in Canada, using the parts they have. They have 24 distribution locations across Canada, and very competitive wholesale pricing. Sophio does not currently set up to do in Canada. You can build a website very quickly with their technology.

SEMA Data Co-op Auto Parts eCommerce Store Plugin

If you are looking to sell Performance Parts, and you want to use WooCommerce, SEMA Data Coop has a plugin. You can use it with WordPress to populate your catalog for eCommerce or just to showcase on your website the part that you have so visitors can browse for themselves.
Check out this link: for more information. They also provide an API, which allows you to do more customization work.

These are just a few ideas and solutions to put together something amazing. You can absolutely dominate the online automotive parts industry, which as of this writing is becoming more and more critical with the ongoing pandemic.

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