9 Potent Social Media Tactics For Your Auto Parts Brand

An auto parts distributor and eCommerce seller can use social media tactics to help boost their brand. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and TikTok are great places to focus your social media efforts if you’re an aftermarket or OEM parts distributor. Here are some of the top social media strategies an auto parts business can use.

  1. AR Filters ?️
    A fresh new idea is to create AR “Filters” for your brand. An AR “Filter” is a Facebook or Instagram camera with an alternative reality laid on top of it. You can create a racing game for your fans with your branding that they can play using the camera. Also, you could add effects to your next visit to the race track. In addition, a popular AR filter can generate millions or billions of views. Finally, AR can also be used to showcase parts in three dimensions. This is a very powerful social media tactic. For more information check out this article: https://www.visualthinkers.ca/2020/06/04/using-spark-ar-to-create-augmented-reality-effects/

  2. Photos Of Your Auto Parts Stock ?
    First, it’s always great to have pictures of the latest stock of parts that you have. Second, you can detail the kinds of vehicles it’s good for (fitment), the manufacturer, the advantages of the part. Third you can let people know how many you currently have in stock, what type of part it is i.e. OEM, Aftermarket, Performance, etc. so potential buyers can get an idea of what you have for sale.

  3. Clever Memes ?
    Creating memes or sharing them is a great way to entertain and engage your audience. It’s very well-liked with automotive parts buyers in the B2C space. As well, make sure that it matches your brand’s values, and that it’s appropriate for your audience. Creating humorous memes that stand for things your audience values is great. Sharing other people’s memes can be effective too. Finally, these are ways that you can use and create memes that will potentially go viral with your audience.

  4. Video Marketing ?
    Video content is a robust social media marketing tactic. Interviews with your customers talking about your business, new products, and the products you have are excellent pieces to share with your fans. Finally, videography especially in social media can really help people connect with you.

  5. Contests ?
    Creating contests is extremely powerful and can engage a lot of people with your business. Make sure you contact a lawyer to prevent any legal issues with your contest. Some ideas for the auto parts industry include photo contests, automotive projects, and creating designs that others can use with their vehicles.

  6. Social Media Management Tools ️?
    You can use tools like Buffer or Hootsuite if you have a person dedicated to social media. These tools allow you to easily post to multiple accounts. Furthermore, there are free and paid versions as well. Lastly, they also have analytics tools to see whether your social media marketing is achieving your goals.

  7. Online grammar and spelling tools ?
    Grammarly is a good tool as well to make sure your posts are spelling error and grammar error-free, so you look smart in front of your fans. There is a free and paid version of this.

  8. Polls and Quizzes ❓ Polls and quizzes can be an excellent way to engage your audience to find out what they think about the latest trends and lets you do some market research as well. Also, this can be fun for your fans too.

  9. And last but not least, UGC (User Generated Content) ✏️✏️
    Sharing user-generated content- anything, where your users interact with your company, is UGC. Examples of this include getting pictures of automotive-related items i.e. car shows, their rides, etc., or anything cool in the automotive world your fans do shows appreciation of them.

In conclusion, the auto parts industry is unique and warrants specific tactics to generate results. By using smart strategies with your social media posts, you will increase your sales, and delight your customers.

If you are interested in learning more about auto parts online marketing and eCommerce technologies, you can review our blog posts here. Or you can get in touch with us if you need more assistance with your social media. For more information about the importance and options in creating a digital marketing strategy, check out the following articles on this website: Top 10 reasons to keep your website and social medial up to date and Visual Thinkers Marketing Primer. Thanks for reading our post.

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