In the digital and creative industry trends are constantly evolving and we like to stay on top of those trends, so that we can help our customers. But we also like to educate our audience, so they know what to look for and expect as well. Here we have created a summary of some of the latest design, marketing and development trends that are evolving in 2017.


Advertising Medium Trends in Advertising
Search Engine Optimization Building landing pages, a page that is relevant to the topic for which you are trying to search engine optimize, and making it a resource for your clients is very important. These pages also allow visitors to reach you and learn about your capabilities. We make sure the appropriate keywords are mentioned here, as Google won’t know the page is relevant unless you include those. In 2017, SEO is being influenced by AI factors such as Rank Brain from Google, so we would take this into consideration when developing your site.
Online Advertising This is highly target-able by demographics, something that is important to get the most value for this medium; Most online advertising methods allow this, and this is becoming more and more targeted, in 2017. Facebook and Google are the biggest players. Social continues to grow as an avenue for advertising as well as in the number of users.
Website Design/Development We keep your website up to date, fresh and relevant. If your business website is for a business, testimonials are highly recommended. We will provide that professional touch that will make a huge difference in your professionalism as compared to a DIY solution. Addionally, more and more Apps are integrating with websites to synchronize the data from the mobile application and the web based one, in 2017.
Videography A good video tells a story clearly and in a compelling way. In 2017, for video – the trend is going to be for video marketing content to be real and authentic – and people who see the most success in video will not be using platitudes.
Graphic Design Bold, strong and colorful images will likely be the trend in 2017. We want to brighten and strengthen an otherwise bland world. Expect candid images to become more popular, as well as the integration of our digital world with our real one.
Social Media  Chatbots are now becoming popular for brands in social. Also companies such as Facebook have started allowing users to live stream whatever they want, whenever they want, and this can be a great promotion tool.
Print Design  Being bold and to the point is popular now in 2017. Remixes of retro ideas are also a growing trend. Illustrations are also getting more popular and can be a great way to add character to a design. We will help you create something that’s innovative that will stick in the customer’s mind.

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