What should be included in your website design package?

I look at the web design industry and I am astounded at the low priced packages some professionals offer and what people think will be vehicles to their success. Here’s what I think are requirements for any good website, in addition to what most web companies offer in their packages. 1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): ok so you had your website professionally built, but can anyone find it? No?…


How To Create A Very High Ranking Local SEO Landing Page

  Back Story of The SEO Journey and Definition Local SEO Landing Pages and Search Engine Optimization is an important tool with regards to generating inbound marketing leads. The technique described in this article works by creating a web page, called a landing page.  This targets a key phrase or group of keywords that people are searching for, for example, “App Development Guelph”. Local SEO Landing Pages allow website…

Digital Marketing - A nice thing to have

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term for a variety of different techniques used to promote a service/product or create awareness of something. These techniques are all based around digital technologies. At Visual Thinkers, we are masters of digital marketing. In today’s world, our attentions are focusing more and more on digital.  Smartphone usage has significantly increased media consumption and yet there has been a slow uptake on this channel…

Two people chilling watching there ad campaigns take off.

Visual Thinkers Advertising and Design Trends

In the digital and creative industry trends are constantly evolving and we like to stay on top of those trends, so that we can help our customers. But we also like to educate our audience, so they know what to look for and expect as well. Here we have created a summary of some of the latest design, marketing and development trends that are evolving in 2017.   Advertising…