So you’re building a new mobile application (app)? Here are some thoughts about App Development. App development can work on a number of different platforms as there is IOS and Android as the main operating systems for these apps; Android and Apple have the biggest market share.

How to Make Money With your Mobile Application

One consideration is how people will pay for an App? A free App might need to use some kind of advertising revenue to pay for the App. Freemium has a minimum of two different products, one which is free and one which is upgraded and ultimately pays for the app development. The App might be an internal App, or simply a paid App.

Mobile Application Marketing

How do you intend to market this App? There are many different paths, perhaps in other Apps like Facebook (promoted posts) a great website, press releases, social media or others. Another important thing to think about is your target audience… who is going to use the App, is there any data available on their needs and wants? What about the content, what will be in the App? For each new device there is unique programming concerns for each in terms of the picture assets for the device, so if this App is going on multiple devices, this will add to the development costs. For more information please visit:

Often people are debating whether to use a website or an App to perform certain tasks. Keep in mind that Apps offer certain advantages in that Apps don’t always require internet connectivity, tend to be a lot more responsive and have access to all the native hardware of the device.

Mobile Application Design

Apple has certain guidelines as well that help define the design of good Apps, and these are called the Human Interface Guidelines. Here is a link to the latest guidelines: There is more of a focus on content, taking away from the user interface’s heaviness and replacing it with lighter elements following flat UI design principles.
For Apple, although there is many tools that develop Apps and many languages supported these days, although Swift and Objective-C would be the most common. There are also a number of cross-platform frameworks that can be used to develop applications for both Android and Apple such as:

React Native.
Ruby Motion
Onsen UI
JQuery Mobile
and Unity as well as others.

For Android the design guidelines are here: Developing in Android can be accomplished in a variety of languages but is most commonly done in Java and Kotlin.

Mobile Application Pricing

In terms of pricing a new App can vary widely depending on the functionality of the App. Visual Thinkers can provide expert consultation to provide you with an accurate price depending on your requirements.

So think about your next App and get ready to launch into the App World.  

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