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E-commerce Paypal Integration with Website Payments Standard

Lately I’ve been using Paypal integration for small business’ using Website Payments Standard. It’s actually quite easy to setup payments when you have a Paypal account and start selling online on your website. Website Payments Standard is free from Paypal and takes a few hours to customize and test.  Paypal takes a percentage of your payment and that’s how it makes money. It allows you to sell online, take…


The Story Of a Web Page

A lot of people wonder how this whole web thing works, and I thought perhaps giving an example of how a web page gets delivered to your device might be of interest. A web page is a file or stream of 1’s and 0’s that are in a file on a web server, a computer or group of computers located across the globe. This stream of information is encoded…



It’s been worth the wait to have the new site up and running. So many things to discuss with you, but the first thing I’d like to do is thank all of my existing loyal customers for their patronage. I really appreciate your business. At Visual Thinkers I am very busy and there are many new and exciting developments in the business. I have started offering App Development services…