Visual Thinkers,  your Guelph web design and creative agency, remains open during the Covid-19 crisis. We are available for Skype, Phone and in person meetings. We can help you facilitate eCommerce and other electronic tools to help you to continue to stay in business.

In 2009, Visual Thinkers was founded to provide outstanding media development services using Pictorial and Spatial Design. We blend the two together to communicate and serve with beauty and style.  We provide website design, mobile development, and marketing services. Our focus is on the automotive, alternative health, financial and telecommunication sectors. We also have a wide range of experience in a variety of industries as well as government. We are the creative agency where artistry meets science. We’ve achieved up to 8,000% R.O.I. on our marketing campaigns and millions of dollars of additional sales for our clients. We help our clients greatly increase their sales, provide better customer service, automate business processes, and meet other business goals. 

Our Methods

Spatial Design

Spatial Design blends mathematics, science, and art to simplify and convey complex communications and to create strong interfaces. We provide this through our software engineering, advertising and graphic design services.

Pictorial Design

Pictorial Design is the discipline of using imagery and graphics to tell a story that delights the viewer. We deliver this through our photography and videography services.

Guelph Web Design Pictorial Design and Spatial Design

Our Values

  1. Creativity. We think that creativity in thought leads to success in business.
  2. Integrity. We make sure to do the right thing, and treat our customers how we would like to be treated.
  3. Continuous learning. Continuous learning empowers us to deliver exceptional results.
  4. Expectations. We want to exceed your expectations on every project, be the last partner you need in our fields, and the first one you refer to others.
  5. Work/Life Balance. We make sure that work never overwhelms our personal lives to maintain a high quality service. Having said that we still work hard to make sure we bring you the best.


Jeremy and his team at Visual Thinkers helped create an IPad app for me that we use during our customer trade show events. The visual tool was well designed, easy to use and has brilliant high resolution graphics and imagery.”

-Kevin Hallahan , Marketing Manager

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